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5 Best Tips for Hassle-free Office Relocation

Shifting to a new office? Every company needs to celebrate this instead of being gloomy about the hassle of packing and relocation. Even if you have hired a professional packing and moving company to take the major load, employees do face some hassle. To ensure to have an exciting office relocation, here are 5 tips to make the job hassle-free.

1. Plan in advance:

Like every relocation, office shifting needs to be planned well in advance. Fix a date, decide on the items and furniture you wish to take along, and initiate the process by taking an inventory of electronic goods, furniture, files, and other things.

2. Intimate the employees:

You can't just plan your shifting today and move to the new office tomorrow. You need to intimate employees and offer them a notice period to pack up their personal belongings in office.

The employees also deserve to know-

  • New office address and contact details
  • Home rules of the office building
3. Get a project supervisor:

You need to assign a person the job of supervising the entire relocation procedure. Starting from packing to unloading the office goods, this person needs to take responsibility for smooth movement. Get a person who can work with the professional moving team and keep back checking to ensure you don't leave anything behind.

4. Data Protection:

While office relocation, one needs to be very cautious about data protection. You are shifting goods in bulk. Some files or pen drives might go missing en-route. It is always good to have a backup and insurance.

5. New set up:

When in the new office you need to instruct the professionals about the places where you intend to set up the office equipment.


Of course, there are other details that you need to check before relocation. But these tips will make the process smoother and faster.