Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy is subject to changes with time. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the customer keeps a track of the updated policies and visits the reviews of our Privacy Policy to stay updated on the changes being made on the policies.

1. A customer’s personal information are well-protected: believes in maintaining the secret of a customer’s personal data and never discloses the same to any third-party without the customer’s knowledge or permission. Before a visitor/customer can completely process a transaction, the web directory asks for their personal information/data, just in order to verify the customer account’s authenticity. By this step, the customer gets a clear understanding and becomes aware of our way of handling their personal information/data.

2. What is meant by Personal Information/Data?

When we say personal information/data, we mean the user’s account ID or name and the password. Both this information is considered to be highly sensitive and require careful handling. To add to this, personal information of an account comes with other sensitive data like that of the user’s Debit or credit card details, bank account information, and similar ones. Apart from these, other important details that might be contained here are the shipping address, e-mail account details and mobile or fax numbers for contacting or even photos, which can be used for creating testimonials or for promotional purposes or even to web address that had been used by the user to visit our website.

3. Getting the visitor’s consent is important:

Upon agreeing with our Privacy Policy, you acknowledge the face of being aware that the web directory will be using your personal information/data to share them as relevant and suitable places. If the purpose of using your personal information/data is unclear to you, you can always connect with us at any point of time and get the issue resolved immediately. If you are not comfortable with sharing your personal data with us, you are requested to ignore the registration request sent to you. Your account will never  be open until and unless you fill up certain specified fields with data that are relevant.

What more is there to understand? You can send us an e-mail to withdraw your consent to the policies. However, you might still receive cookies from the web directory, which is just a temporary cookie file in your digital device.

4. The necessity for personal data and responsibility constraints

The personal information you share with us at is meant for your personal benefit and it is used by us to keep you updated with information on different events happening and the information shown on the visitor’s profile or account to provide you with services and customer’s support. Overall, you will have the provision of editing the existing information shared by you as per your will. However, we are not responsible for you sharing your details with third-party website through our website.

Since the website and system are based on technology and use a software to complete it, we never give 100% assurance of mistake-free platform, in lieu of the personal data and information, in short, errors are possible. is not be held liable for any kind of indirect or direct damages cause by your personal information release.

5. Information assurance assure the customers that every information provided by them is secured with us. With strict measures for security and cutting-edge security technology, we assure  the protection of all personal data and ensure that there is no loss or misuse of the data. Our team works tireless to enhance the security measures. The best part of the security is that, changes to your account information can only be made by you since it is protected by a password.