Term and Condition

Term and Condition

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Term and Condition

Terms Policy and Acceptance

Read the complete “Terms and Conditions” before using the services or contents from the directory. You can use the services provided in the directly once you have gone through and accepted the Terms and Conditions. These are simply the information that ensures that the services providers and users are on the same page. If the Terms and Conditions information or any part of it is not relevant to you, do not use any service on our website. Using the website post reading this information is acceptance of the terms.

General User Agreement

The website is to be strictly use for personal requirement and never for any kind of promotional or professional non-commercial purposes. Accepting the below mentioned Terms and Conditions binds you to the company legally. You are to be held sole responsible for any kind of disputes or issues caused by term breaching.
May additional attention to the below mentioned points –

   •  Modification of the web content or services is not permissible under any circumstances be it copying,
      distributing, reproduction, information transfer, information selling, content modification,
      adding the name of some other company
      offering similar products and service, and so on.
   •  You are not to cause any form of damage to the website or interfere or disable the web directories.
   •  No rights are given to the user to gather information through any source that is considered as illegal or that
      doesn’t  have the written consent of the company.
   •  You are not permitted to access any of the website’s password-protected document without a written consent
      of the Company.

Website Contents

Bookmoverpackers.com supervises the website directory and contents, regardless of the messages, lists, files, designs, photos, texts, content copyright, or any other technical details. Service providers have all their deserved rights. The web directory contents come with permission for non-commercial usage. You don’t need intervention from third-party as you choose a service or name from the directory.

You will be held responsible for all content uploading, directory posts or, submission, etc.

Warranty Disclaimer

Since you have already read the Terms and Conditions of the website, you must understand that you are solely responsible for the accuracies or correctness of the website.
Bookmoverpackers.com don’t assure of warranty, in case you have violated the terms and made mistakes, errored information, web contents, etc. These minor details are available on the web directory of the company’s website.


All website contents, directory and services are reserved under copyrights. Reservation rights are as per the certification from the Company along with other enlisted companies from our list of vendors.
Without a formal permission of the company, the content in Bookmoverpackers.com can’t be reproduced, distributed, or even transmitted from this to any person or any particular place.